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We started as a humble little shop at Havelock II. Now, we aim to be Singapore's leading healthier ice cream brand. Goodlato is different from your usual ice cream!

It is low in calorie, high in protein, low in sugar and fat. 

The founder of Goodlato wanted something different, something unusual. She loved ice cream, but it wasn't good enough - she wanted her product to escalate the experience of eating ice cream. Hence, Goodlato's ice cream not only has to taste good, it has to make you feel good.

It’s time to break the notion that ice cream is a rare treat, that ice cream makes you fat, it's time to start eating it everyday, at any time!



1/4 the Calories

 Same taste. But you get Moo-re!

High Protein

20-30g protein per Pint
 20% Protein in the macro composition due to added Whey, a complete protein.

Low Sugar

 Low/No added sugar depending on flavour
 Sweetness comes from a natural plant derived sweetener named "Erythritol". Suitable for those watching their sugar intake.​

low calorie ube ice cream that is healthy and high in protein

Healthy Nice Cream

Low calorie, low sugar and high protein alternative.

ice cream catering for events

A Happy, Healthy and Innovative Space

Goodlato's vision is to promote inclusivity and innovation in everything it does

low calorie healthy ice cream

Artisanal flavours that are low in calorie

Ube (Taro), Pistachio, Caramel Butter Crumble. We do all the artisan flavours well and more!