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Since starting, we have garnered feedback from trainers and gyms alike that they have started actively referring our brand to their clients to meet their specific nutritional goals because of the nutritional value of our ice cream.

 We are truly heartened, and we think that's amazing. We would like to further extend our brand in the fitness space by partnering with trainers/fitness professionals such as yourself. Contact us now to be a part of our affiliate program and get rewarded, as a thank you for spreading the word!

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Whether you're a gym, gym trainer, fitness influencer, fitness enthusiast, reach out to us! We want you.

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Don't just buy it for yourselves, tell it to everyone! Spread the goodness.

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 Let us thank you for spreading the word
But it's not just about the money, we want people who believe in what we're doing, who'd like to contribute to the health and fitness industry, because that's our goal. If you want to see us grow, we want you.


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Our affiliate program is freebut we go through a shortlisting process to ensure that you're a right fit for our brand and our mission. 

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